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Who are Putin’s Daughters? What we Know About his Family

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has always been guarded when it comes to questions over his family. In 2015, during one of his marathon news conferences, he dodged questions about his daughter’s identities. “My daughters live in Russia and studied only in Russia, I am proud of them,” he said. “They speak three foreign languages fluently. I never discuss my family ...

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Putin Lashes out Ominous Threat to Ukrainians and Other Countries

Before the crack of dawn, just before explosions began in cities across Ukraine, Russian state television unexpectedly broadcast an address by Russian President Vladimir Putin.   The two self-proclaimed “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk, in the breakaway Ukrainian region of Donbas, which he had officially recognized as independent less than two days before, had “turned to Russia with a request for ...

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