#Endsars : we will expose Dj switch- Lai Mohammed

The Nigerian government has said Obianuju Catherine Udeh’s real intention, popularly known as DJ Switch in her footage of the shooting of the Lekki toll gate, was to tarnish the country’s image. The government further wished to know the supposed sponsors of the famous DJ.
The shooting of the End SARS protesters on Instagram was live-streamed by DJ Switch, who was at Lekki Tollgate in October.
But the Defense Headquarters has brandedthe footage of the massacre posted on social media ‘photoshopped’.

Among other recordings of that moment, DJ Switch’s live session revealed that in Lekki shot were really fired. This was corroborated by CNN in its latest End SARS protest investigation.

But on Thursday, during a press conference, Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, described DJ Switch as a fraud whose goal is to tarnish Nigeria’s reputation with false news.’

“The Minister warned that “Dj Switch would be uncovered in the fullness of time for what she is, a fraud and a front for divisive and destructive forces.
“During the End SARS crisis, one of the providers of false news and misinformation during the alleged Lekki Toll Gate massacre was DJ Switch, even though she claimed to have authentic evidence of mass murders” said The Minister.

Surprisingly, she opted to flee from Nigeria under the pretext that her life was in danger instead of bringing whatever facts she may have to the Judicial Panel. I’m asking: in danger from whom? The army came out to say they had never looked for her. To the best of our knowledge, she has never been declared wanted by the police. Her behavior therefore becomes suspicious. For whom is she fronting? What’s her true motive? Who are her sponsors? Why does she not present it to the Panel if she has any evidence of the killings?

In addition, the minister appealed to countries not to make hasty decisions on the basis of recordings of the End SARS protest from fake news providers.

At this juncture, we want to appeal to countries that have made hasty decisions to seek and find the facts based on false news and misinformation arising from the End SARS crisis,” he added.”

source: Oak tv

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