Lagos Rampage: Okada passengers, chase away Police Unit, desecrate BRT buses

There was pandemonium on Wednesday at Ikeja Along, Ikeja area of Lagos as agitated okada riders went on rampage and chased away Task Force officials seeking to enforce traffic law.
The Task Force officials had come to the area to stop the okada riders from plying BRT corridor as they were not supposed to even ply the expressway.
In the aftermath of #EndSARS violence in the state, PM NEWS noted that okada riders were motivated in law-breaking.

Unlike in the past, when they see Task Force officials approaching, okada riders usually run, but on Wednesday, they stayed on the BRT lane spoiling for action.

The riders began to hurl stones at the police in a flash and chased them away.

Twitter videos showed members of the Task Force fleeing as they were pursued by the Okada crowd.
Later on the okada riders descended on BRT buses driving around the city and smashed some windscreens.

It was reported that passengers fled in every direction on the BRT buses as the furious okada riders began throwing stones.

As people ran for their life to avoid being caught in the fight between the okada riders and the Task Force, there was mayhem in the city.
Okada riders burnt tires on the BRT lane in the subsequent violence and challenged anyone to challenge them.
Many people resorted to trekking to escape the wrath of okada riders as the BRT buses stayed off the route.

Okada riders assaulted police officers in the Mile 2 region on Tuesday, damaging three vehicles and injuring one of the officers.

source : skyeradio

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