#ENDSARS: Grid lock at ibadan Oyo state

in the chants to end SARS across the federation , grid lock in iworoad, agodi gate and its environs . so many people couldnt go to their place of work, all want SARS to end. Some of the protesters spoke to us @ Diamondbeads saying ,

“most of the people killed are innocent, SARS operate with reckless abandon, not minding the state of the person. they kill unjustly just because they have gun and uniform. He shouted that this brutality by them must stop. he also said the IG of police said SARS have been disbanded, but they are still seen. until they are stoped we wont stop. “

Another protester says “the so callesd SARS/ Police knows the real culprit but when they take money they leave them. that now their brutality is like pricing food in the market. if you can buy your way out they leave you but the innocent that struggle that have no means unlike the culprit that have so many means will be tortured to the extent of concenting to what they did not do. they must end SARS. “

So many are agitating for the discontinuation of this arm in the police . due to the cruelty that they have faced from them.

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