Lockdown: Nigerian Parents Lash Out At School Teacher, Elizabeth Ogah, For Her Post Mocking Parents

A Nigerian teacher took to Facebook to write her thoughts on what she believes to be the under-estimation of the value of school teachers by parents. The teacher, Elizabeth Ogah, in her Facebook post said she believes that by now many parents now understand the number of stress teachers endures when parents ‘dump’ their kids for them to tutor, as well as care for.

Speaking almost tongue-in-cheek, Ogah, said she hopes that parents are enjoying spending the lockdown with their children and now have an appreciation for the number of work teachers put in to keep the children grounded in school.

Elizabeth chastised parents for what she called shouting and ranting when they come to the school to challenge a teacher who has beaten their child.

Read Elizabeth’s post:

“To our amiable parents who have never appreciate the works of teachers for once, hope u r enjoying this lockdown with ur children.

I believe by now, u should know the worth and stress we teachers are going through when u dump these children for us

and u came back the next day to start shouting or ranting all in the name of one beating story ur child narrated to you,

you should know that we r not just teachers but partial parents to the kids. I hope the is okay #ProudToBeATeacher

– Ogah Elizabeth


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